Online Learning

✨”Es ist schön, immer wieder was zu lernen.” ✨

~ Schauspieler von Herr Paschulke (Löwenzahn)
Zoom Call on computer with our teachers

Our students are in for a treat next week, when online classes are starting. Not only will they get to see their favorite German teachers & classmates online via video conferencing, they will also feel like coming back home to a routine that makes Colorado’s Shelter-In-Place a little easier.

Ja, it’s good to get the brain moving. 😀 All the German teachers are working hard to learn all the tricks of zoom, our video conference software of choice. Yesterday we had a morning zoom meeting with all of the German teachers and everyone shared something new that they had learned about using the Software and online teaching tools. .

Anna O. shared different white board solutions, some were browser based and also that it’s fun to just use an ‘old-fashioned’ white board that can be held up to make class more interactive.

Marion shared how she tried out different rooms in her house, some with carpet and some without, direct light and indirect light. I think she did found the perfect spot which will make it easier for her students to hear her pronunciation and to see how she moves her lips.

We talked about google doc’s and google classroom, learned new ways on how to scan & share documents with our students(so hopefully nobody’s email will get too clogged up with big files), fun zoom backgrounds, checked out some online interactive games like Kahoot, how to play music and soundbites and so much more… 😄