Goethe Institut A1 and A2 Exam at our school in the Spring of 2021! 

More and more students, ages 20+ have been taking beginner German Language Classes (levels A1 and A2) at our school. Some of them have been interested in receiving an official and internationally recognized certificate. So far, students had to travel to Chicago or other US Goethe Institut locations to take the exam. 

Last year, in collaboration with Saskia Hintz, German professor at CU Boulder, our school contacted the Goethe Institut and requested the permission to administer these exams in Boulder, CO. This request was granted and our current teacher Anna Ozimek and our former teacher Pia Zeller attended the Goethe Institut training last year. Now, Anna and Pia are certified to administer the A1 and A2 exams. Congratulations to both of them for passing the exam. 

Our A1 and A2 + students have now the opportunity to take the Goethe Institut A1 and A2 exam at our school.

We are currently in contact with CU and the Goethe Institut to make further plans for the exams this spring. Please stay tuned!