Online Learning

✨”Es ist schön, immer wieder was zu lernen.” ✨

~ Schauspieler von Herr Paschulke (Löwenzahn)
Zoom Call on computer with our teachers

Our students are in for a treat next week, when online classes are starting. Not only will they get to see their favorite German teachers & classmates online via video conferencing, they will also feel like coming back home to a routine that makes Colorado’s Shelter-In-Place a little easier.

Ja, it’s good to get the brain moving. 😀 All the German teachers are working hard to learn all the tricks of zoom, our video conference software of choice. Yesterday we had a morning zoom meeting with all of the German teachers and everyone shared something new that they had learned about using the Software and online teaching tools. .

Anna O. shared different white board solutions, some were browser based and also that it’s fun to just use an ‘old-fashioned’ white board that can be held up to make class more interactive.

Marion shared how she tried out different rooms in her house, some with carpet and some without, direct light and indirect light. I think she did found the perfect spot which will make it easier for her students to hear her pronunciation and to see how she moves her lips.

We talked about google doc’s and google classroom, learned new ways on how to scan & share documents with our students(so hopefully nobody’s email will get too clogged up with big files), fun zoom backgrounds, checked out some online interactive games like Kahoot, how to play music and soundbites and so much more… 😄

Summer Camps

Summer Camp Cancellation / Refund Policies

At this time, no summer camps are cancelled. If this decision changes, we will notify you immediately.

Cancellations after May 1st will be issued a 50% tuition refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 7 days of each camp. 

If our summer camp programs are cancelled due to COVID-19, we will issue full refunds.

Sign-up for Summer Camps here.

Update Corona Virus – 04/22 Boulder School for German Language and Culture will be closed until April 17, 2020. Virtual Meetings will start the week of March 30, 2020.

Dear Friends of the Boulder School for German Language and Culture,
“Geduld ist die Kunst des Hoffens.” 
~ Luc de Clapiers
The new reality is a challenge for all of us. We are very thankful that you, as a part of our school community have been so patient and understanding.
Governor Polis decided that schools should to be closed until April 17, 2020. 

Thankfully, we do live in a time where social networking can foster a sense of normality. In addition to that, we do believe that having a routine and a schedule for children and adults helps to avoid distress. 
We are hoping that getting back to the routine of learning German will distract you from our new reality.

Our teachers and staff have been very busy this week learning about various online learning tools to ensure that learning German can be continued. The process of learning will continue next week and we are hoping to get more and more experienced and familiar with this new form of teaching and learning.

Engaging with our teachers this week, we observed again that our teachers are outstanding; they have been motivated, open and dedicated to master the new challenge! Thank you!

We would also like to thank Jeanne Mosher (one of our adult students) who stepped up and shared her valuable experience regarding virtual meetings!Our Plan for the Upcoming Days:

Your teacher will contact you and schedule the first meeting with you or your children/teens via Zoom. Please let your teacher know, if you need help to get this free conference tool installed on your computer or any other device.
The first virtual meeting will take place the week of March 30, 2020. After that first meeting, we would appreciate your feedback and see what can be improved. 
Adult Classes:
Before making any decisions regarding Block III, we would like you to experience this new form of learning. There should be two more weeks of instruction for Block II and your feedback is crucial to us.After the two weeks of instruction, we would like to embrace your ideas for Block III. Please discuss viable options with your teacher and the teacher will escalate the decisions to the administration.
Children’s/Teen Classes:
We are planning to continue with online classes until April 17 or possibly until he end of the semester (middle of May).We think that keeping the exposure to the German language in any form (singing, story reading, learning…) will be very important for your children and teenagers. We are trying our best to make online learning fun.
As a reminder, this is all very new to us and we are asking for your patience.Solidarity knows no borders!

From a German community to the Italian people: 

Take care of yourself, your family and the people around you who need help! 
Birgit Priester

Corona Virus – School will be closed until March 29, 2020

Dear Friends of the Boulder School for German Language and Culture,
Things are changing by the minute and there are a lot of unknowns. We have to remain patient, calm and try to follow the recommendations to slow down the spread of the virus.
What an opportunity as a world to come together and to put “we” before “I” and to take care of and protect our elderly and sick population!

CU, CSU, BVSD, Atonement Lutheran Church and other public officials/institutions announced that the buildings will be closed until at least the end of spring break (03/30).
Teaching classes at our school facility will not be possible at this time. 
Boulder School for German Language will be closed from March 13 – March 30, 2020.
At this point, we are planning to make up the missed lessons of next week in the week of May 11 or May 18.

While we wait for more clarification for the time after spring break, I would like to encourage you to take care of yourself, your family and the people around you who might need help.

Thank you so much for your understanding and I will keep you posted on further decisions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Birgit Priester
What is the Corona Virus? Logo News for Children explains:

There are a lot of other 1 minute videos on the ZDF page that are a great resource for our German learners.

Update on Coronavirus

Dear friends of the Boulder School for German Language and Culture,

We are committed to the health and safety of everyone who attends our classes and events. We closely monitor the coronavirus situation and are in contact with our local and state partners. With cases now appearing in Colorado we will respond with all due caution to any potential health threat in our community. As with severe weather events, our school will follow the Boulder Valley School for closures.

Currently there have been no scheduling changes to our classes and events. We will update you per email if any changes occur and please check on our website for cancellations.

In general and with this specific health concern, we encourage those who feel unwell or who may be at increased risk to please stay home.

Again, all classes and events are currently happening as scheduled. If we receive the recommendation to cancel, we will prioritize the health of our students and staff by implementing and communicating appropriate changes that ensure a safe environment.

For any questions or concerns please email us.

Deutsche Film-Reihe: March 2, 2020 we will show the movie “Alemanya -Willkommen in Deutschland”

Bring your friends and family and join us to kick off the German Movie Series with great German motion pictures and film analysis classes at the Boulder German School.

Film Analysis Class

Following a screening we offer an in-depth analysis class in which we are going dive into the historical, socio-cultural and contexts of a movie. This class is recommended to advanced beginner and intermediate students (A2+).

March 2, 2020: Alemanya – Willkommen in Deutschland

Film Analysis Class: March 9, 16, & 23, 2020

For more information please go to