Congratulations Pia Zeller

We are both happy and sad to share that in May 2020, our school lost one of our founding members, an amazing teacher and the cultural anchor of our institution. Pia Zeller had the incredible opportunity to join the German Department at CU. She will be missed by the board, the teachers and the students. We wish her all the best for her new career and her future.

Pia is still supporting the school by leading our German club: “Treffpunkt Lesen” and will assist Anna Ozimek in administering the A1 and A2 exams of our adult students. Thank you!

After moving to Boulder at the beginning of last year, Stephanie Fowler joined our school and taught German to children and teenagers at our school. Stephanie decided to pursue a new career and we are sad to see her go. Stephanie wants to stay involved in the school by supporting us with our cultural events. Thank you and all the best in your future endeavors!


Goethe Institut A1 and A2 Exam at our school in the Spring of 2021! 

More and more students, ages 20+ have been taking beginner German Language Classes (levels A1 and A2) at our school. Some of them have been interested in receiving an official and internationally recognized certificate. So far, students had to travel to Chicago or other US Goethe Institut locations to take the exam. 

Last year, in collaboration with Saskia Hintz, German professor at CU Boulder, our school contacted the Goethe Institut and requested the permission to administer these exams in Boulder, CO. This request was granted and our current teacher Anna Ozimek and our former teacher Pia Zeller attended the Goethe Institut training last year. Now, Anna and Pia are certified to administer the A1 and A2 exams. Congratulations to both of them for passing the exam. 

Our A1 and A2 + students have now the opportunity to take the Goethe Institut A1 and A2 exam at our school.

We are currently in contact with CU and the Goethe Institut to make further plans for the exams this spring. Please stay tuned!

Fall Registration Open!

“Es gibt nur zwei Dinge die du falsch machen kannst: aufhören oder gar nicht erst anfangen!“
– unbekannt

Thank you so much for being part of our school during the last five months, we appreciate your support and patience during these unprecedented times.

As we move through this pandemic together, our teachers are exploring new ways to deliver instruction this fall. 

Our fall semester will start on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.
Registration is open.Fall Adult Program:

Based on feedback from our teachers and students, we have decided to offer only online classes for the fall (Block I and Block II). 

Please check out our website and see the variety of classes that we offer:Language Classes Communication ClassesReader’s Theater ClassMusic Classes with Lennart! For more information please click here. Please let us know if you have any questions. 
Children’s Fall Program:
Our afternoon classes for our preschoolers, elementary and middle school students will take place outdoors during the months of September and October. If we need to cancel due to storms, our teachers will notify the parents at between 12:00 and 2:00pm and offer a 1h online class instead. Outdoor classes will take place at Atonement Lutheran Church. Masks are mandatory and social distancing will be reinforced. There will be a very strict hygiene protocol.
 In November and December, our teachers will continue the hands-on learning experience by teaching a 1 hour online class each week (no classes the week of Nov. 23, 2020).

Teenagers’ Fall Program (ages 15+):A small group will meet inside the church building in a well ventilated space (social distancing and masks will be used).

For more information please visit click here. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

In Person Summer Camps for May and June Canceled

Due to Covid-19, our school location (church) will be closed at least until June 30th, 2020.

Adults Language Classes:
We will offer a variety of online language classes in June. Please check our website for the Early Bird Rate next week. 

1h Online Children’s Camp in June: Monday – Friday
We are in the process of aligning a hands on and fun online summer camp program. Registered families will receive the material prior to class. More info and a video will be on our website next week.

Children’s Weekly Online Music Classes in June:
Ages 7 and younger:
Tuesday Afternoons: Music Classes with Birgit!

Ages 8 – 12:
Wednesday Afternoons: Music Exploration with Lennart!

Ages 13 – 15:
Wednesday Afternoons: Music Exploration with Lennart!

Online Learning

✨”Es ist schön, immer wieder was zu lernen.” ✨

~ Schauspieler von Herr Paschulke (Löwenzahn)
Zoom Call on computer with our teachers

Our students are in for a treat next week, when online classes are starting. Not only will they get to see their favorite German teachers & classmates online via video conferencing, they will also feel like coming back home to a routine that makes Colorado’s Shelter-In-Place a little easier.

Ja, it’s good to get the brain moving. 😀 All the German teachers are working hard to learn all the tricks of zoom, our video conference software of choice. Yesterday we had a morning zoom meeting with all of the German teachers and everyone shared something new that they had learned about using the Software and online teaching tools. .

Anna O. shared different white board solutions, some were browser based and also that it’s fun to just use an ‘old-fashioned’ white board that can be held up to make class more interactive.

Marion shared how she tried out different rooms in her house, some with carpet and some without, direct light and indirect light. I think she did found the perfect spot which will make it easier for her students to hear her pronunciation and to see how she moves her lips.

We talked about google doc’s and google classroom, learned new ways on how to scan & share documents with our students(so hopefully nobody’s email will get too clogged up with big files), fun zoom backgrounds, checked out some online interactive games like Kahoot, how to play music and soundbites and so much more… 😄

Summer Camps

Summer Camp Cancellation / Refund Policies

At this time, no summer camps are cancelled. If this decision changes, we will notify you immediately.

Cancellations after May 1st will be issued a 50% tuition refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations within 7 days of each camp. 

If our summer camp programs are cancelled due to COVID-19, we will issue full refunds.

Sign-up for Summer Camps here.

Corona Virus – School will be closed until March 29, 2020

Dear Friends of the Boulder School for German Language and Culture,
Things are changing by the minute and there are a lot of unknowns. We have to remain patient, calm and try to follow the recommendations to slow down the spread of the virus.
What an opportunity as a world to come together and to put “we” before “I” and to take care of and protect our elderly and sick population!

CU, CSU, BVSD, Atonement Lutheran Church and other public officials/institutions announced that the buildings will be closed until at least the end of spring break (03/30).
Teaching classes at our school facility will not be possible at this time. 
Boulder School for German Language will be closed from March 13 – March 30, 2020.
At this point, we are planning to make up the missed lessons of next week in the week of May 11 or May 18.

While we wait for more clarification for the time after spring break, I would like to encourage you to take care of yourself, your family and the people around you who might need help.

Thank you so much for your understanding and I will keep you posted on further decisions.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Birgit Priester
What is the Corona Virus? Logo News for Children explains:

There are a lot of other 1 minute videos on the ZDF page that are a great resource for our German learners.