KultCrossing Oct 23 – ‘We make radio’ with Elvis Katticaren

A group of students, parents and staff members had fun on October 23 & 24 while learning how to produce a podcast. Elvis Katticaren from Germany taught and demonstrated what radio producers do …and on the second day, it was hands on! We produced a survey with the topics

‘What are the cultural differences between the US and Germany?’,

‘Why should one learn a second language?’ and

‘What are biases of Germans against Americans and vice versa?’

Curious about our thoughts? Stay tuned –  We will upload the professionally edited mp3 file soon!


Herzlichen Glückwunsch – Congratulations!

This year, we offered for the first time the exams for the IVA (Internationale Vergleichsarbeit) and the German Language Diploma (Deutsches Sprachdiplom, DSD) at our school for our children and teenagers. These are official exams from the German government given to German schools abroad.  ALL students who participated passed the exam! We are very proud of you!

‘German Language Diploma’ (Deutsches Sprachdiplom, DSD)

Our school took part in the celebration of all students who passed the ‘German Language Diploma’ (Deutsches Sprachdiplom, DSD) exams in Colorado this year. – Congratulations! None of our students took the exam yet; we will offer these exams as of next year, and are sure that then our students will be honored, too!

Unsere Schule war bei der Feier für die Schüler vertreten, die dieses Jahr in Colorado die Prüfungen für das Deutsche Sprachdiplom (DSD) bestanden haben. – Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Von unserer Schule war kein Schüler dabei; wir bieten die Prüfungen ab dem nächsten Jahr an, und wir sind sicher, dass unsere Schüler dann ebenfalls geehrt werden!


Immigrant Heritage Week

Immigrant Heritage Week/ Deutscher Nationalfeiertag: Deutsche Geschichte, Geschichte(n) einiger Einwanderer und

Hier sind einige Fotos von unserer Veranstaltung am 2. Oktober. Danke an alle, die da und mitgewirkt haben, an den Bohemian Biergarten, der den Raum zur Verfuegung gestellt hat, und die Commission for Human Relations der Stadt Boulder, die diese Veranstaltung gesponsort hat.




What’s Next?

On January 18, our Spring Semester 2016 will start. Class registration is already in full swing! In addition to our previous schedule, we offer some exciting new classes:

  • 4-7 year-old children who want to strengthen their German language skills are encouraged to check out our theater class with Petra Landfester and Gabi Werkmeister.
  • Adults can practice their German by discussing current topics in Germany and Europe in our advanced conversational class with Sabine Cetinkaya-Kruse.
  • Frank Conrad will give presentations about German history, art history and geography.
  • Private classes can be scheduled through the school with a teacher of your choice.

We are very flexible and open to any other new ideas and will try to make it happen! We welcome any suggestions you might have.

We are planning more cultural events during this semester that will be a regular part of our annual schedule in the future. Heads up for our German Carnival celebration in February and Maypole Dance (Tanz in den Mai) in May! In addition, we are thinking about summer camps with fun activities in German for all children. – More info on these activities will follow.

On the organizational side:
Registration for classes will be easier Soon you ‘ll be able to register online conveniently through our website www.bouldergermanschool.org/classes/registration. Our teachers will participate this month in a training course so we can offer exams for the German Language Diploma (Deutsches Sprachdiplom, DSD) in the near future. We hope to receive approval soon from the IRS as an official non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status.

In summary, so far it has been an awesome and fun experience for the whole wonderful team of teachers, administrative staff, web designers and all other friends who actively helped us. We’re looking forward to your continuing support, to a growing program and an overall successful Boulder School for German Language and Culture.

Thank you!! We all wish you a prosperous 2016!

How it all started: An idea, an excellent team, and a lot of work

During the summer of 2015, a highly motivated and enthusiastic team of nearly 20 German speaking and loving people with various backgrounds and skills got together and founded the Boulder School for German Language and Culture.

Many ideas, suggestions, and concerns were discussed, rooms were organized and rented, a class schedule compiled, email addresses collected, web site created, … When we finally sent out our information brochure in August, we had no idea what to expect, but we were optimistic. Certainly no one anticipated the overwhelming flood of questions, emails and registrations…. More than 60 children and adults from age 3 to over 70 signed up for our first classes!

The Fall Semester 2015 – a great success!

The week of Sept. 8 we started our first nine classes: two music classes for the youngest with Birgit Priester, two classes for 6-9 year old children with Pia Zeller und Sabine Silk, three for the 10-14 year olds with Kandace Einbeck, Jutta Weidenaar and Sabine Cetinkaya-Kruse, and two adult classes with Sabine Silk and Dr. Marion Conrad. All of these highly qualified teachers made learning German at any level fun and entertaining!

We were not only enjoying our success, but also continuously improving our program: We added a music class for babies/toddlers (0-3 years) to expose even the youngest children to German songs and games. The adult class with Dr. Marion Conrad was extended to two hours upon the students’ request.

Over the course of the semester, another treat was added to this class by Frank Conrad’s brief presentations on German cultural topics. In November, we added a new class for five young teenagers – so they could just fit it into their soccer-training free weeks.

We advertized our school on the radio and in the Daily Camera; we were represented at the German Day in Colorado and at the first business fair of the Colorado Chapter of the German Professional Woman Association. – just to name a few occasions and places where we shared our excitement and success.

-Barbara Ervens